Reagan and US militarism in the 1980's

A mind map detailing the early activities of Reagan in terms of arms control in the 1980s.

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  • Reagan and US militarism in the 1980's
    • Reagan
      • Became President in 1981
      • Took an aggressive approach towards the US relationship with the U**R
      • Move away from Détente
    • INF
      • Intermediate range nuclear forces
      • Proposed zero-option
        • Heavily loaded against the Soviet Union
          • USA would still have been able to deploy unlimited sea based missiles and aircraft
            • Dangerous for the U**R
        • US wouldn't deploy Perishing II and Cruise missiles on the condition the U**R would remove its **-20 missiles from Europe
          • Then demanded that the Soviets would remove all intermediate range missiles regardless of location
        • Impossible for the U**R to accept the terms
    • START
      • Ended prematurely when US deployed Cruise and Perishing II missiles in Europe
      • Aimed to cut missile numbers on both sides by about a third
        • Failed to establish an agreement on ICBM's
      • US aimed to improve their security by increasing the vulnerability of the Soviets
      • Many historians argued that the USA never wanted to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement
    • SDI
      • Put 1972 ABM Treaty in doubt
        • Had removed ballistic missiles from the arms race
        • SDI incompatible
      • Skeptics coined it the 'Star Wars' program to discredit it amongst the public
      • Soviet response unsurprisingly negative
        • Seen as an American attempt to develop first strike capability
      • Described as a dangerous alternative to arms control


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