Reagan and SDI

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  • Reagan and the Second Cold War : 'Star Wars'
    • Reagan's vision
      • President Reagan was determined to win the Cold War.
      • He thought the USA should fight to win.
      • He believed the USSR should be forced to disarm by his new initiative: SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative).
    • SDI - 'Star Wars'
      • Reagan proposed a 'nuclear umbrella' which would stop Soviet nuclear bombs from reaching America.
      • His plan was to launch satellites equipped with lasers to destroy Soviet missiles in space.
      • Reagan believed his technology would force the USSR to disarm as their missiles would become useless.
      • SDI was a complete break from détente.
      • SDI broke the terms of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.
    • Soviet response to SDI
      • Soviet leaders knew they could not compete with the 'Star Wars' plan.
      • The Soviet economy was not wealthy enough to fund consumer goods, military spending or the development of new space-based weapons.
      • USSR was behind USA in computer technology.
        • Prior to SDI, USSR leaders were suspicious of computers as they thought they could be used to undermine the power of the Communist Party.
          • e.g. Computers could be used to produce anti-government propaganda, or computers linked to telephones could be used to leak secrets to Governments in the West.
      • Reagan's proposal meant that the USSR could no longer compete in the Arms race.


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