Reading Section

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  • Reading Section
    • Non-Fiction text types can include..
      • News report, Reference book, Real-life magazine story, Product information, Business letter, Advertisement, Diary, Guide book, Instruction manual, Travel review
    • Facts and Opinions
      • An opinion is someone's belief
      • A fact can be proven - they must be true. Facts are powerful they can be used to inform, convince or persuade
    • ALWAYS comment on the language used! The following vocabulary might be helpful
      • anecdote, ironic, descriptive, puns, fact, scientific, humorous, technical, informative
        • Anecdote - a short entertaining true story
        • Pun - a word with more than one meaning
        • Ironic - opposite to what you mean
      • interesting, colloquial, opinion, emotive, rhetorical devices, formal, ambiguous, informal, factual
        • Colloquial - used in ordinary conversation
        • Ambiguous - having more than one meaning
      • bias, narrative, dull, repetiton, first person, serious, impersonal, third person,


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