Reading a document

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  • Reading a Document
    • Title
      • What is the correct and full title of the document?
    • Author
      • Who wrote the document?
    • Date
      • When was the document written?
      • Is the date significant? Why?
    • Form
      • What form does the document take? (e.g letter, treatise etc)
      • Why was that form chosen?
      • How does the form affect the way the views are expressed by the author?
    • Language
      • In which language is the document written in? Why was this chosen?
    • The addressee
      • Who is the document addressed to and what is the significance of this person?
      • Is the way the document influenced by whom it is addressed to? How? Why?
    • Event
      • Does the document refer or react to a particular event?
      • What is the author's attitude to the event?
    • People
      • Does the article refer to a certain person/group of people?
      • What is the author's view on these people?
    • Text
      • Does the document refer to a particular text?
    • Beliefs
      • Does the document express a new belief or idea?
    • Diction
      • How does the choice of words reflect the author;s attitute?
    • General views
      • Do the particular views expressed in the document relate to the views of the author?
      • What are the implications of the views expressed in the document?
      • What were the consequences of the views expressed in the document?


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