Impact of TofV

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  • Reactions to Treaty of Versailles
    • German reactions to Tof V
        • Hated war guilt - didnt accept it
        • Feared reparations would cripple them - couldnt afford them
        • Army was really small for a country of Germany's size
        • Army was a symbol of German pride - lost it
        • Blow to German pride/economy
        • Germany losing land
          • Britain and France increasing empires
            • By taking control of German and Turkish territories in Africa and Middle East
              • lost industrial areas and could not rebuild
        • lost colonies
      • 14 POINTS AND LoN
        • Felt insulted not being invited to join LoN
    • Impact of Treaty on Germany
      • 1919 Ebert's government - fragile
      • Ebert's right wing opponents didn't like treaty so attempted revolution against him
      • Kapp Putsch: Wolfgang Kapp took over Berlin to form another government, workers strike, Kapp gave up
      • Ruhr
        • Germany fell behind in reparations in 1922
          • 1923 French and Belgium soldiers entered Ruhr region and took what owed in form of raw materials and goods
            • German gov ordered workers to go on strike so no production for France to take
              • France reacted harshly, killed 100s
              • Strike- Germany had no goods to trade, no money
      • Hyperinflation
        • Gov printed more money
          • Money worthless so prices increase
    • Verdicts on TofV
        • Not harsch enough, 1920 voted out
        • Recieved a heros welcome when returned
      • WILSON
        • American Congress refused to approve the Treaty but still signed it
    • Fair?
      • war caused death, damage
      • Germany had to be made weaker so don't go to war
      • France snd Britain wanted revenge
    • Harsh?
      • Germans left weak- anger and can cause further trouble
      • Wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth
  • Not harsch enough, 1920 voted out


Miss E


A very detailed explanation of the Treaty of Versailles which deals with some of the key questions on the topic that may come up in exams, such as whether the Treaty was harsh or fair or the impact on Germany. The colour coding will make it easier to remember too.

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