Reactions to the Treaty of Versailles

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  • Reactions to the Treaty of Versailles
    • Announced 7 May
      • Germany horrified
    • Germany loses:
      • 10% of land
      • All overseas colonies
      • 12.5% of population
      • 16% of coalfields and half its iron and steel industry
    • Horror and outrage
    • Germans didn't feel they had lost war or started war
      • 1919 Germans didn't understand how bad military was at end of war
    • Angry that government was not invited to the talks to negotiate
    • First, government refused to sign treaty
      • Ebert signed treaty on 28 June 1919
    • War Guilt and Reparations
      • Blame should be shared
      • Forced to accept blame meant had to pay reparations
      • Economy in tatters- reparations would cripple them
    • Disarmament
      • Army was symbol of German pride
      • No other countries disarmed despite Wilson's 14 points calling for disarmament- Germany thought this was unfair
    • German Territories
      • Major blow to German pride and economy
      • Unfair
        • Germany was losing land while France and Britain were gaining land
    • 14 points
      • Treatment of Germany was not in keeping with Wilson's 14 points
    • The League of Nations
      • Insulted that they had not been asked to join
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