Reactions and opposition to the reforms

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  • Reactions and opposition to the reforms
    • David Lloyd George
      • Was the new Chancellor of the Exchequer
        • In charge of the countries budget
      • Believed that the upper class had inherited much of their wealth
      • The rich should pay for the reforms
      • Introduced the People's Budget in 1901
      • Targeted the rich who had to pay more income tax, Death Duties etc.
      • Upset the rich folk
    • The conservatives
      • Accused the Liberals of being socialist
      • Said they were creating a "Nanny State"
    • Poor people
      • Some resented the reductions from their wages
      • Some thought that it didn't go far enough (Labour party)
    • Other people
      • Thought the government helping the poor would encourage laziness
      • Pensions may stop people saving for their old age


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