Reacting Masses

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  • Reacting Masses
    • Step 1: Write a balanced chemical equation
      • Step 2: Underline the substances that you are trying to find the masses of in the question.
        • Step 3: Work out the relative formula mass of each underlined substance
          • Step 4: Multiply the Mr for each underlined substance by the number of moles (number in front of the symbol in the equation).
            • Step 5: Work out the ratio of reactant to product (unknown on top).
              • Step 6: Multiply the ratio by the known mass of the other reactant/product, to find the mass that you want.
  • REMEMBER: Mass is never lost or gained in a reaction!
  • Work out the amount of reactant needed to make an amount of product and the amount of product made by an amount of reactant...


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