RE: Purpose to Suffering

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  • RE: Purpose to Suffering
    • Some suffering is necessary to keep us alive & well - pain tells us that something is wrong & changing it so it stops us from doing something that would cause serious harm
    • We sometimes feel like people deserve to suffer for their crimes
      • Some members of society -such as a baby- are too young to derserve any suffering - therefore making any of their suffering unjust
    • Suffering makes us appreciate things that take us for granted - temporary blindness, for example, makes someone appreciate their sight
    • It can make us a better ot stronger person if we have to show courage or determination to get through difficult times - it brings out the best in people (such as kindness, compassion & unity with others)
    • Some people will suffer to achieve a goal - e.g. a mother will suffer pain in childbirth to bring new life into the world
    • Some religious believers argue that suffering is a test of faith - it is easy to believe in God when life is going well for an individual, but suffering challenges their faith when times are more difficult
      • For example, the story of Job - the devil & God make a bet & ruin his life yet he still remains faithful & regains his happiness & prosperity
    • Some religious believers think that suffering is a punishment for sin & that it teaches others lessons - it helps people to see what they're doing wrong & brings them back to God
    • Suffering could also be considered part of God's mysterious plan - we can not explain its purpose because only God knows


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