RE: Atheist & Theist Responses to Evil

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  • RE: Atheist & Theist Responses to Evil
    • Who is to blame?
      • Evil is God's fault: He created people & gave them free will, allowing them to choose to do bad things rather then good
        • Therefore it is God's fault for evil being in the world
      • Evil is our fault, not God's:selfishness, greed, & lack of respect are simply alternatives to selflessness, genorocity, & respect
        • God does not force us to act this way as we have the choice ourselves - this is why man-made evil is existent
    • Questions for Belivers
      • If God is all-good, why would he create a world where evil is present?
      • If God is all-loving, surely he would want his creations to be good too, the same way a parent wants their child to do well?
      • If God is all-powerful, why can he not stop someone before they do evil? Does this make God weak?
      • If God is all-knowing, he must know that people will sometimes choose evil over good - why did God give people free-will to make that choice?
      • Some theists claim that everything that happens is the will of God - does God want evil to happen? this contradicts hi goodness & care for people
    • Answers
      • Religious people would say that the very fact that God gave people the freedom to make their own decisions of good & bad shows his goodness & love
        • God did not create humans as robots but gave them free will, despite the risk that this freedom might do to others - he allows his creates to learn from their experiences
      • Altough God is seemingly all-powerful, he chooses not to use his power to force people to use their freedom the 'right' way - If he interfered every time someone committed n evil act, he would be controlling people & they would not be free
      • Not everything that happen is God's will - people might not always be free as they think as everything is fixed & determined in advance
        • God does not want evil to happen, but, unfortunately, people go against his will


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