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  • SEX
      • FOR
        • Free Will - Genesis
          • People should be free to chose when they have sex because they were given free will by God
        • It is an expression of love and unity that shouldn't just be reserved for married couples
        • "Go forth and multiply"
          • People may want children but not marriage
      • The Catholic Church teaches that sex must be procreative, which ******* isn't, so the church accepts same-sex relationships, but not the sexual side of it
        • "Man must not lie with man"
      • Goes against the 10 commandments
        • "Thou shall not commit adultery"
        • Also breaks marriage vows
      • Never right in the eyes of the Catholic Church
      • Causes tension and upset within families and can effect any children the couple may have
      • The act of consciously having sex with someone who is not your spouse
      • A couple who are divorced and have other partners are viewed as committing adultery because the Catholic Church does not accept divorce, only the annulment of a marriage




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