RE -- Life and Death (conflicting views on creation)

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  • RE -- Life and death (conflicting views on creation)
    • Big Bang theory
      • Evidence= Cosmic background radiation
        • Red shift
      • Everything came from a 'primeval atom'
    • Stephen hawking on did God create the universe
      • If the laws of nature are fixed, why do we need a God?
      • Time didn't exist before the Big Bang, so God didn't have time to make the universe
      • "We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe"
    • Darwin's theory of evolution
      • Natural selection= Different rates of survival and reproduction for animals with different adaptations
      • Survival fo the fittest= Way of describing natural selection, only the best suited survive, handing down their genes
      • Finches= Finches on different islands have different types of beak depending on the food source
    • Richard Dawkins
      • Strong atheist, he believes religion is "the great cop-out"
      • Created a Neo-darwinist approach to the value of life
        • No need to promote a creator, evolution explains it
        • Purpose fo life is gene-replication
        • Consciousness evolved to aid survival and replication
    • Religious view= Everything planned, all creation has purpose, over 7 days, God caring, humans special, we have responsibility, destiny + life after death, rests on faith in God
      • Christian's beliefs are often threatened by science. For example, fundamentalists believe the world is 10,000 years old, however this contrasts with science
    • Non-religious view= Random, no purpose, 6 billion years, nature bloody, we are animals 98% same as chimps, no role, we just  die, rests on scientific findings
    • "God is no longer needed as an explanation" - Peter Atkinson
    • "Evolution is a marvellous expression of how God is working in the world"- Arthur Peacocke
      • Assimilation=Science only tells us some of the story
    • "The thumb alone would convince me of God's existence" - Isaac Newton
    • William Paley watchmaker analogy
      • He said that if you found a watch on the street, you would assume that it had a designer and creator
        • In the same way, the world, infinitely more complex then a watch must have a creator, could not be random


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