RE -- Life and Death (Attitudes to dominion, stewardship etc)

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  • RE -- life and death (attitudes to dominion, stewardship etc)
    • Stewardship
      • Land does not belong to us, but we are responsible for it
      • It has been loaned to us by God, we should look after it
      • We should value and treat it with care
      • "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it"
      • "the land must not be sold permanently because it is mine"
    • Dominion
      • "You made him (humanity) ruler over the works of your hands, you put everything under his feet"
      • Adam and Eve are told to be "fruitful and increase, fill the earth and subdue it, rule over...all creation"
      • This implies that humans have control over the earth and in many ways it belongs to us.
      • It tells us to have many children
      • This means controlling the world and everything in it
    • A Rocha UK
      • A christian organisation "working for the protection and restoration of the natural world'
      • They have practical involvement in natural conservation
      • They campaign on biodiversity issues
    • Catholic beliefs
      • Christian Aid
      • We need to look after the environment
      • We need to have a sustainable approach
      • We are stewards
      • We are all global citizens
    • Anglican beliefs
      • We need to look after environment
      • "Actions have to change for words to have effect" - Justin Welby (archbishop go cantebury)
      • We are global citizens (Tearfund set up by evangelical Anglicans)
    • Humanists
      • Humanists for a better world
        • Share info and take action on social, environmental, climate change issues
        • From signing a petition to spreading world
        • "The oceans are already rising. Either we sink, separately, or swim, together" Patron of British humanist society
      • Climate change
        • Humanists campaign against climate change (eg/ peoples climate change march 2015)
        • They support the climate change coalition
    • Global citizens
      • Looking after other places in the world as if they were your home, not being divided by race or nationality
    • Sustainability
      • Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance
    • Environmental responsibility
      • We have a responsibility to look after the environment for God


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