RE incarnation of jesus

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  • RE CHRISTIANITY : incarnation of jesus
    • Incarnation means 'in flesh'
      • It refers to god becoming human and living on earth in the form of jesus
      • Christians believe god is both fully human and fully divine
        • This is called hypostatic union
          • This makes him different from other demigods (half gods) who are common in roman and greek mythology
            • This is another concept that seems difficult to understand
    • The bible teaches that mary was a  virgin and only god could create life this way
      • Some christians fully accept this as the bible is the word of god and an omnipotent god can easily make someone pregnant
      • Others believe that the nativity stories have religious truths - the events of jesus birth are a mystery and the gospel writiers created the story to ensure that people understand that jesus was not an ordinary human
    • Christian teachings
      • The gospel of luke tells that mary became pregnant through the holy spirit therefore jesus didnt have a human father. This is further explined in the Nicene crees
      • The gospel of john refers to "the word became flesh and lived amongst us" suggesting that jesus is god incarnate not a demigod
    • Issues with incarnation
      • No one has had a virgin birth since that and whilst it makes sense for jesus to have one cuz hes the son of god, it makes story more difficult to believe
      • None of the gospel writers were present at his birth so any account they have is second hand info at best
      • Jesus cant be both fully human and fully god as god is omnipotent and humans are not. So ne would either be living a superhuman life or he would no longer have the qualities of god
      • Jesus communicated with godnthrough prayer many times in the gospels. Why would he need to do this if he was god incarnate himself?
        • St paul believed that jesus willingly gave up certain aspects of his divinity . Jesus was always meant to be an example of a perfect person so he sacrificed his divine knowledge to to be fully human. He prays to show huma s how to pray and how to build a relationship with god.
    • Influence on christians
      • For god to become human and live among us shows how he cares for humanity. That he would sacrifice jesusfor salvation of humans.
        • The bible teaches 'since god so loved us, let us also love one another'. Christians might follow this example in their daily lives of caring for others and showing agape love


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