RE -- Hinduism (Karma and Samsara)

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  • RE -- Hinduism (Karma, Samsara, reincarnation)
    • Karma
      • The Law of action and reaction
      • There are many different types of rebirth in samsara
      • Some Hindus believe that you can only ever improve (others disagree)
      • Your rebirth is decided by karma
        • if your actions are good you will get a good rebirth
      • ISKON teaches that you only ever accrue karma as a human because you have free choice, in lower realms you burn off bad karma
      • every action  will have a result
        • The Gita teaches that it is impossible to give up action, so instead you must do your dharma and renounce the fruit of your work
          • Don't desire the outcome, do what you ought to do
            • "an action ... done without love or hatred by one who does not desire any reward -- this action is called to be goodness"
    • Samsara
      • Otherwise known as the cycle
      • We translate this as reincarnation
      • The Atman remains the same but goes from body to body (transmigration)
      • "The soul casts off its worn out body and enters a new one"
      • The atman will continue to be reborn until they achieve perfection and are freed from this cycle (moksha)
    • Does Karma mean that we are not free
      • Hindus believe that we have free will
      • Not everything is pre-determined, but we are also impacted by others and previous choices
        • A particular feature of humans, animals do not have free will, they are driven only by instinct


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