RE: Good and Evil - original sin

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  • types of evil
    • moral evil
      • suffering as the result of human actions
    • natural evil
      • events that cause suffering, but not as a result of human actions
    • dilemma
      • are natural disasters moral or natural, if the result of human actions?
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  • Adam and Eve giving in to temptation because of their free will
    • original sin
      • humans have free will; animals have instincts
      • if humans couldn't choose, goodness wouldn't be a powerful
      • Jewish beliefs
        • yetzer ha tov (good)
        • yetzer ha ra (evil)
  • the fall
    • Adam and Eve's disobedience
    • they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and God punished them
    • humanity fell from its once perfect state
    • sin - acting against the will or laws of God; deliberate immoral action, breaking of a religious or moral vow
    • fundamentalist christians take this story literally; liberal christians see this as a metaphor
    • Catholics believe we all have a tendency to sin
      • we are all responsible for evil and suffering in the world; this story is symbolic
  • Marilyn McCord Adams
    • we shouldn't ask why we suffer, we should accept it
    • she uses a metaphor to explain this:
      • a little girl must undergo heart surgery and is afraid, yet trusts her mother to have her best interests at heart
        • we must do the same with God
    • Salvifici doloris
      • Pope St John Paul II wrote this papal encyclical
      • to understand suffering, we need to look at God's love for us
      • all who suffer should offer up their suffering to God in prayers
        • this may then help others
      • this links to the inconsistent triad:
        • as Jesus was on earth with us, he understood this suffering


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