RE -- Good and Evil (Causes of crime and the aims of punishment)

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  • RE -- Good and Evil (Causes of crime and the aims of punishment)
    • Bible teachings
      • "Whoever strikes a person mortally shall be put to death"
      • "Whoever curses father or mother shall be put to death"
    • Crime is any offence that is punishable by law
      • Many sins cannot be punished by law and vice verses
    • Protection
      • A prison sentence removes a criminal from society, innocent people are prevented from suffering wrongdoing
    • Retribution
      • Some victims  of crime want to get revenge for the wrong that has happened to them
    • Deterrence
      • Criminals are made an example of to stop other people from committing this crime
    • Reformation
      • Most forms of modern punishment are concerned with the person changing their lifestyle
      • This could involve counselling, therapy, education and training while in prison
    • Vindication
      • This aim of punishment allows people to have confidence in the law and respect for the role it plays in creating an ordered safe society.
    • Reparation
      • The person repairing the damage they have caused through their crimes
      • Eg/ Cleanup schemes fro vandals
    • Justice
      • For Christians justice is not just about the law or punishing criminals
      • Christians believe that they should behave justly, which means treating others in a fair and a just way.
    • Quotes
      • “This is what the lord says: maintain justice and do what is right”
      • “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”
      • "Love thy neighbour"
    • Some Christian groups campaign for justice eg/ Cafod and Christian Aid


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