RE good and evil intentions and actions

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  • Good and Evil intentions and actions.
    • Good intentions and actions
      • Christians believe that Jesus taught people to act with good intentions and to "treat others as they would like to be treated".
    • Good intentions , Bad actions
      • some people might act with good intentions but commit a bad actions such as crime , eg. stealing to feed their family.
      • some people feel it is never OK to break the law or never OK to do certain actions because they have a duty to obey god and his commands
      • others feel that such actions are not as bad because it is not loving to make people follow rules if there will be bad consequences
    • Bad intentions and actions
      • most people feel it is wrong for people to act with bad intentions an carry out bad actions
    • Bad intentions , Good consequences
      • someone might act with bad intentions , but actually produce consequences. They might act selfishly , but actually end up helping others.
      • Many religious people might still think they acted badly.
      • UTILITARIANS judge actions based on their consequences . They consider an action with bad intentions but good consequences a good action
    • possible justifications for causing suffering
      • causing suffering in self deffence
      • causing one person suffering to save another
      • causing suffering now to stop suffering happening later
    • The golden rule
      • "do to others as you would have them do to you"


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