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  • Creation
    • Creation of Adam
      • Adam shown as a perfect man, depends on God for life
      • The hands reaching out: shows close relationship
      • Man is made in image of God, but God is ancient Gen 1:26
        • God is creator of everything and transcendent ( carried by angels)
          • 1) light and darkness  2) waters above and below 3) land, sea, vegetation 4), sun, moon, stars 5) birds, fish 6) land animals, humans
            • 1)"creatio ex nihilo".            2) Humans are pinnacle of creation.     3) humans invited to work with God              4) Given free will
              • Old Testament     1) Gives laws. 2) Teaches the fall.         3) Psalms praise God      4) Prophets reveal Messiah
                • New Testament.      1) Gospels    2) Acts         3) Epistles- St Paul.            4) Revelation
                  • Authority of Bible:            1) Each writer inspired by the Holy Spirit            2) Each verse reveals something about God.   3) Every verse is true      4) Creation story is a myth.            5) Parables teach about life
                    • Natural law is a theory developed by Aristotle.       It is the requirement for objects to fulfil their nature.        "Creation is the first lesson in life"
                      • Sustainability-using natural resources at which they can be replaced.       - 17 goals for 2030
            • Humans have dominion over creation but shouldn't exploit the earth for their needs                        - 'The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it.'
              • We must accept the effect our actions on creation to take care of the world.         -Stewardship: The idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God
                • How to help:1) reduce rubbish  2) public transport3) recycle4) put pressure on government/ politicians5) buy products from environmentally -friendly companies
  • Written tradition: authors writing down the NT.       Magisterium: teaching authority of Church


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