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  • R.E Assessment
    • Baptism - Baptism is a way for Christian families to have their child initiated (welcomed) into the Church; it marks the beginning of their faith journey and becoming a member of the Christian family.
      • White Garment - Purity, clothed with Christ.
      • Water - Cleanliness, washing away sin (original sin).
      • Chrism Oil - Anoints the baby, symbolises the Holy Spirit, marks the baby as a child of God.
      • Sign of the Cross - the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit, together = the Holy Trinity
      • Candle - The light of Christ and being welcomed by the light of Christ, passing on the faith.
    • Confirmation - Confirmation renews the promises that were made on a person's behalf at infant baptism.
      • !. Holy Spirit - The bishop talks about how the Holy Spirit helps Christians to do what God wants.
      • 2. The Bishop asks the people being confirmed if they have been baptised.
      • 3. The Candle - each candidate holds a candle and renews the promises made at baptism.
      • 4. Laying on hands - the Bishop puts his hands on their head. He says, "Confirm, O Lord, your servant with your Holy Spirit."
      • 5. The anointing - the candidate is anointed with the oil of Chrism; he does this by drawing the sign of the cross on their forehead.
      • 6. The Naming - The Bishop then reads out the person's confirmation name, which is usually a saint's name.
    • Easter - Easter is the most important part of the year in the Christian Calendar because Jesus' resurrection allows us to be with Jesus today. Symbolic colours - White & Gold.
      • Why is Easter so important?
        • It proves there is eternal life.
        • Jesus gained many more followers.
        • It proves Jesus is the son of God.
        • Jesus is alive and working within the community.
        • The Gates of Heaven are opened.
        • It celebrates the resurrection.
      • Advent - The Church year begins and we prepare for the birth of Jesus.
      • Christmas -  Jesus was born. Without this, Christianity would not exist.
    • Pilgrimage - A special journey to a place to feel the presence of God,
      • Why People Go on a Pilgrimage?
        • To become closer with God, build a stronger relationship with God and t feel the presence of God.
        • People can see and witness a pilgrimage experience, so they can be a part of something special with people from all walks of life.
        • Understand more about their faith and therefore growing in their faith.
      • Places of Pilgrimage: Banneux, Carmel, Fatima, Guadalupe, Knock, Lourdes, Rocamadour and Walsingham.


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