RE 8.4

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  • 8.4
    • Why are laws needed?
      • Everybody needs rules to follow
      • Make sure we are treated fairly (e.g. workplace)
      • Protect the weak from the strong
      • Keeps things organised (in advanced societies like the UK)
      • Link between law and justice
        • if a law is unjust someone might feel it is ok to break it
        • some may think if one law is unjust, that all are unjust
        • if laws don't give justice people might take it into their own hands
        • if the legal system is corrupt it could lead to a war
    • Theories of punishment
      • Retribution: punished in proportion to the crime
      • Deterrence: using punishment as a threat to scare them into not doing it again
      • Reform: educating criminals so they no longer turn to crime
      • Protection: keeping criminals inside for so long that they are no longer a threat when released
    • Christian attitudes to justice
      • Bible says God is a God of justice
      • Church teaches that Christians should behave justly
      • Jesus said rich should share with poor
      • Judgement Day
      • Golden Rule
    • Muslim attitudes to justice
      • Quran says God is just
      • Last Day is concerned with justice
      • Khalifah=share sources equally and justly
      • Muhammad worked for justice
      • Islam teaches that all people should have equal rights
    • Capital Punishment
      • Non Religious FOR
        • Will deter crimes like murder and terrorism
        • Murderers are a threat and this removes the threat
        • The only retribution for murder is death
      • Non Religious AGAINST
        • Could be wrong convicted
        • Countries without death penalty for murder is death
        • Executed terrorists become martyrs and inspire
      • Christian AGAINST
        • Jesus came to reform sinners
        • Jesus banned 'an eye for an eye'
        • Human life is sacred, only for God to take away
        • 'turn the other cheek'
      • Christian FOR
        • Bible mentions it as a punishment
        • C OF E doesn't condemn it
        • Church used it for crimes
        • Aquinas said peace in society was more important than reforming sinners
      • Muslim FOR
        • it's a punishment set by God in Quran
        • Muhammad sentenced people to death
        • Shari'ah law lays down crimes to be prescribed death
        • Islamic prophecy teaches that punishments should be harsh to deter
      • Muslim AGAINST
        • Some believe it recommends capital punishment
        • Shari'ah law allows victims families to be paid blood money
        • In some cases the Shari'ah law may not be applied fairly
    • Christian attitudes to drugs and alcohol
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