Rates of coastal erosion

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  • Rates of coastal erosion
    • Reasons
      • easily eroded rock type
        • cliffs made of boulder clay- easily eroded. likely to slump when wet causing cliff to collapse
      • naturally narrow beaches
        • beaches slow waves down, reducing their erosive power. narrow beaches = less protection
      • powerful waves
        • holderness faces prevailing wind. coast is battered by highly erosive waves
      • Coastal defences
        • groynes make beaches narrower and more easily eroded in some places
    • Impacts on people's lives
      • homes near cliff at risk of collapsing in sea
      • property prices along coast fallen sharply
      • accessibility to some settlements affected bc roads near cliffs at risk of collapsing into sea
      • businesses at risk from erosion- people will lose their jobs
      • gas terminal at Eastington at risk- accounts for 25% of Britain's gas supply
      • 80,000 msq farmland lost each year. huge effect on farmer's livlihoods
    • Environmental impacts
      • some SSSI's (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) are threatened


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