Rates and Energy

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  • Rates and Energy
    • C2 4.1 How Fast?
      • Rate of reaction   =   amount of reactiant used __________ time
      • Rate of reaction =   amount of reactant formed __________ time
    • C2 4.2 Collision Theory and Surface Area
      • Activation Energy
        • The minimum amount of energy that particles must have in order to react
      • Surface Area
        • The greater the surface, the faster the rate or reaction
        • The  frequency of collisions between reacting particles increase
    • C2 4.3 The Effect of Temperature
      • Reactions happen quicker as the temperature increases
      • particles collide more frequently and more energetically
      • More collisionsresult in a reaction because a higher proportion of particles have energy greater thatn the activation energy
    • C2 4.4 The Effect of Temperature and Pressure
      • Increasing concentration increases frequency of collisions between particles
        • Increases the rate of reaction
      • Increasing the pressure of reacting gases increases the frequency of collisions
        • Increases the rate of reaction
    • C2 4.5 The Effect of Catalyst
      • Catalysts spee up the rate of reaction
      • Not used up in the reaction
      • Different catalysts are used for different reactions
    • C2 4.7 Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
      • Exothermic
        • Energy is transferred FROM the reacting substances TO their surroundings
      • Endothermic
        • Energy is transferred TO the reacting substances FROM their surroundings
    • C2 4.8 Energy and Reversible Reaction
      • One reaction is exothermic, the other is endothermic
      • Energy is exactly equal in both directions of the reaction


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