The Rate of Photosythesis

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  • Rate of Photosynthesis
    • Limiting factors depend on the condition
      • Limiting factors just mean it's stopping photosynthesis from happening any faster
      • Factors that are limiting at a particular time depends on environmental condictions
        • At night there is no light/sun light
        • In winter it's often the temperature
        • If its warm enough and bright enough, the amount of CO2 is usually limiting
    • Artificially create the ideal conditions for farming
      • Most ideal way is too grow plants in a greenhouse
      • Greenhouses help to trap the suns heat, and make sure that the temperature doesn't become limitting
      • Light is always needed, so commercial farmers often supply artificial light after the sun goes down
      • Farmers and gardeners also increase the level of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse
      • Keeping plants in a greenhouse also makes it easier to keep away pests and diseases


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