Rate of respiration- Core practical

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  • Rate of Respiration- Core Practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Volume of oxygen used
      • Dependent
        • Distance coloured fluid moves
      • Control
        • Amount of time measured for
          • To allow the results to be compared
        • Mass of beans
          • Different masses can use varying amounts of oxygen
        • Temperature
          • Higher the temperature higher the rate of respiration
        • Volume of air
          • Different volumes contain different amounts of oxygen
        • Soda lime concentration
          • Soda lime will remove CO2 'created' in respiration
        • Species of bean
          • Different species have a different respiring rate
    • Equipment
      • Respirometer
      • 5g of broad beans
      • Soda lime
      • Coloured liquid
      • Fine permanent marker
      • Stopwatch
    • Method
      • 1.Weigh out 5g of beans and place into a boiling tube
      • 2. Introduce a drop of red fluid into the pipet and open the three way tap to move the fluid to a convenient place
      • 3. Mark the staring position of the fluid and isolate the respirometer
      • 4. Start the stopwatch and measure the position of the fluid on the pipet every 30 seconds
      • 5. Calculate the volume of oxygen used
      • 6. Repeat the experiment 3 times


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