Chemistry 2

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  • Rate Of Reaction
    • Particle Theory
      • Successful collision needed between particles
        • 1.temperature: the higher the temperature means the particles move faster have energy for successful collisions.
          • 2.Concentration:                 the particles move more in a higher volume of the substance, meaning more successful collisions would happen.
            • 3. Surface area(particle size):                 Small particles have a larger surface area making the rate of reaction faster while larger particles have a smaller surface area making the rate of reaction slower.
    • Affected by
      • 1.Tempertaure: of reactants.
      • 2.Concentration: of the solution.
      • 3.Surface area: of reactants.
      • 4. Catalyst: Speeds up the reactions but remains chemically unchanged at the end.
    • Measuring the rate of the reaction.
      • 1.By the volume of gas formed.
      • 2, By measuring the change in mass.
      • 3. The amount of light passing through a substance.


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