**** of Lucretia

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  • **** of Lucretia
    • 510 and the end of the kings
      • Tarquinus superbus was ruling
        • "Tarquinus the proud"
        • his son was called sextus tarquinus
          • he had been away which is normal for roman men
    • Collatinus and Tarquinius are dining at Tarquinius' house
      • they have both been drinking alot
        • they argue over who's wife is more virtues
    • Tarquinius goes to collatinus's house when he is away
      • Lucretia follows the law of hospitality
      • when everyone is asleep he goes in Lucretia's room
      • he tells her that he has a sword in his hand and one word and she will die
      • he tries to persuade her by telling him of his love for her
      • if she doesn't give him what he wants then her will cut her throat and place her body next to the dead body of a slave
        • this would make her look like and adulterer
      • she doesn't give him easily showing she is brave and respectful
    • Lucretia is intelligent because she has a plan that will make sure Tarquinius is punished
      • she sends for her father and husband
        • they bring friends as witnesses so it will be well known
      • she feels that things cannot be alright when she has lost her  honour
      • even though her body has been violated her mind is still loyal
      • she knows she hasn't done everything wrong but she feels she has to pay the price for others actions
      • she's thought this all out and has a danger is her pocket
      • her husband cries


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