Food Technology

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  • Rancidity
    • Spoilage of fats and oils, particularly applies to oils
    • "Oxidative rancidity" is the most common form
      • Oxygen molecules interact with the structure of the oils
        • Oxygen Molecules join across the double bond of the triglyceride molecule and a variety of compounds are formed e.g.Aldehyde and Ketone give the rancide taste
    • These chemical processes may also destroy nutrients in food.
      • Rancid fats cause increase rates of heart disease and carcienogneic (cancer causing)
    • How to stop / minimise
      • Antioxidants are often added to prevent development
        • Natural Antioxidants tend tend to be short lived, Synthetic Antioxidants are used for a longer shelf life
        • Storing in cool, dark place little exposure to oxygen
          • Sugar slows it down salt fasts it up
            • Always store in glass


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