Ranch Workers in The Great Depression

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  • Ranch Workers in the Depression
    • The depression brought a number of displaced farmers to California from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas
      • They joined many other migrant workers from Mexico and the Philippines, working on factory farms.
      • Migrant farmers of all races lived in temporary camps as they moved from farm to farm following the seasonal work
    • There was little income, poor living and no other options for the migrant workers
      • For the Farmers, the prices of their produce dropped so slow that many couldn't pay rent on their own land and went bankrupt
    • As the depression got worse, the growers lowered the wages of workers and laid some off
      • Wages went from $3.50 per day to $1.90 per day
        • Most ranch workers did not qualify for Government Aid because three year residency was required
    • There were devastating effects in countries rich and poor. Personal tax, income, tax revenue, profits and prices dropped
      • Unemployment rose to 25%


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