Lord of the Flies Character profile Ralph: Part one

Map 2 of my character profile

This time its Ralph, however the list I have is so long that it will have to be divided into three parts so to say

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  • Ralph
    • Natural Leader
    • Brave
    • Represents Civilisation, democracy
    • Socalized, intelligent, civilized
    • Somewhat kind and Polite, like a gentlemen
    • Demonstrates Common sense
    • Elected chief of the tribe
    • Gets carried away by the hunt, gets carried away with killing Simon.
    • Bullies Piggy
    • Speaks like a school boy
    • Fails to prevent Jack from taking power
    • Embodies good intentions for the implementationof reason, but fails to execute these plans properly
    • Concieves meeting place, builds huts and fires
    • Gets corrupted by Jack as he tries to regain his respect and earn his power back
    • Treated as Outcast when he loses powerr
    • Wants to hang on to civilisation


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