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  • Ralph Key Ideas/Information
    • Key Information On Character
      • Dad is a naval officer
      • From England
      • Goes on Holiday - Has flashbacks to the past in one chapter
      • 'Build like a boxer'
      • Protagonist - he was first introduced, suggesting that he is the protagonist of the story, which he is.
    • Connections to Key themes
      • The Conch - The conch is symbolised as a sign of democracy, which is what Ralph is also portrayed as, being a leader voted in by a democracy. The conch allowes freedom of speech and everyone to have their say on matters.
      • Ralph is the person who symbolised order and democracy, he does this by using the conch, which is the sign of democracy linked to Ralph. Ralph is knew to be the chief as he is the protagonist of the novel.
    • Quotes
      • 'There was a mildness about his mouth and eyes proclaimed no devil'
      • 'They walked along, 2 continents of experience and feeling unable to communicate'
      • 'If you were a chief, you have to think, you have to be wise
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