Raleigh journeys end

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  • Raleigh
    • a boy with everything to live for
      • his death emphasis's the irony of death
        • fated to die immediately
      • raleigh embodies  the young men who died in their 100's of 1000's in the great war
      • is killed in the first few minutes of battle without ever really living
    • innocent and ignorant
      • 'it seemed frightfully quiet'
    • young
      • 'a boyish voice' pg 9
      • 'well 'e's only a lad' pg 85
    • fit
      • 'a well- built, healthy - looking boy of about 18'
      • ' e's got pluck. strong lad too' pg 85
    • officer and 2nd lieutenant
    • naive
      • ' and next day i was told i was coming to this battalion. funny, wasn't it'
      • ' (excitedly) sh told be about the raid'
        • nervously enthusiastic
      • 'its most frightfully exiting'
        • ironic
      • 'how topping if we both get the M.C
      • ' my officers are here to be respected not laughed at'
    • middle class
      • ' i heard rifle firing like the range at Bisley'
    • likeable
      • ' e's a nice young feller' pg 63
    • traumatised by the raid
      • ' walking as though he were asleep'
        • now understands the horror of war
        • no longer views war as a great adventure
      • ' i reckon that raid shook 'im up more'n we thought'
    • brave
      • ' i fell rotten lying here- everybody else-up-there'
    • James (Jimmy) raleigh
    • Osborne was right
      • ' i hope we're lucky and get a youngster straight from school. they're the kind that do the best
    • hero worship
      • sh has always taken care of him and he hopes this will continue at the front
      • he wants to follow in sh foot steps


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