Rainforest intro

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  • Rain forests
    • Location
      • Brazil has 30% Indonesia 10%
    • Climate
      • No seasons
      • Temp is constant (hot)
      • Rainfall fluctuates
      • Annual precipitation is high
      • Rainfall highest May- Nov
    • Stratification
      • Forest floor
        • few plants, fallen trees, infertile, dark, wet, leaf litter
      • Under canopy
        • Shrubs, less dense, strangler figs, epiphytes, vines, young saplings
        • Smooth bark stops eiphytes
      • Canopy
        • 80% life, bulk, thick, crowns of trees, bright, lots of animals, continuous layer
        • Full benefit of rain, 20-40m, teak, mahogany
      • Emergent layer
        • 1 in 10 mill seeds, tallest trees, 45m
    • Adaptations
      • Leaves- leathery and waxy, repel water and protect against sunlight
      • Drip tips, grooves and channels remove excess water
      • Broad, large surface area in under canopy to catch sunlight
      • Tress- leaf stalks- turn to expose to sun


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