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  • Rahe et al LIFE CHANGES
    • Aim
      • To investigate if scores on the social readjustment scale were correlated with illness
    • Procedure
      • 2,500 American male sailors given SRRS to asses against least 6 months
      • Total score recorded
      • Over next 6 months records of health kept
    • Findings
      • Positive Correlation of +0.118 (weak)
      • Correlation small but indicates relationship between the 2
    • Conclusion
      • Life changes units positively correlated with illness scores
      • Experiencing  life events increases the chance of stress related illnesses.
      • Life change units aren't the only contributing factors to illness
    • Evaluation
      • Individual difference not taken into account (different responses to stress)
      • Restricted sample= less validity, gender bias, difficult to generalise
      • Weak correlation meaning life events can't be only contributing factor
      • Social desirability as questionaire


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