Music: Rag Desh performed by Chiranji Lal Tanwar

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  • Rag Desh - Chiranji Lal Tanwar
    • Instrumentation
      • Vocalist (Chiranji Lal Tanwar)
      • Sarod - a plucked stringed instrument
      • Sarangi - a bowed string instrument
      • Pakhawaj - a long drum with a head at each end
      • Tabla - a pair of drums, the right one is called dayan and is smaller and high in pitch, the left one is called a bayan and is bigger and lower in pitch
      • A pair of small cymbals
    • Rhythm
      • Tal used: Keherwa, an 8 beat cycle
        • A Tal is a rhythmic pattern played on the drums. It is a cycle of beats that is repeated and improvised.
    • Structure
      • 1st: Alap - the sarangi and then the voice introduce the notes of the rag, slow tempo and no regular pulse
      • 2nd: Bhajan - tabla joins in playing keherwa tal, sung verse followed by short solos on sarangi and sarod this pattern is repeated a number of times, vocalist uses melismas and ornaments
    • Melody
      • Ascending starting on middle C - C, D, F, G, B, C
      • Based on notes of the rag
      • Descending starting an octave above middle C - C, B flat, A, G, F, E, D, C


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