Rag desh

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  • Rag desh
    • Structure
      • Alap, is usually slow and there is no sense of metre
        • The soloist explores the notes of rag. The music is improvised.
      • Jhor, has a steady tempo and has a sense of a regular pulse.
        • The improvised music becomes more rhythmic, the music becomes more elaborate and the tempo increases
      • Jhala, this is fast and lively, there is a fast pulse with exciting and complex rhythms
        • There is a high point in piece, and virtuoso display using advanced playing techniques.
      • Gat/bandish is fast, the tabla drums introduce the rhythmic cycle 'tala'
        • The fixed composition is introduced, the musical dialogue takes place between the instrumental and drummer.
    • Melody
      • A rag is set in which the music is improvised, this is a cross between a collection of pitches and a scale.
      • A rad descends and ascends, but the pitches often differ in each direction.
      • Some rags have just five notes, rather like the pentatonic scale
      • A chosen rag will be used as the musical material in a full raga performance the music is then made up by the performers.
      • The technique of making up music without notation is called improvisation.
    • Texture
      • The drone is a supporting one or two notes, provided by the tambura. This adds texture to the piece.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • Drone based on the rag desh
    • Dynamics
      • The dynamics are controlled by the instruments


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