Rag Desh Mind Map

- notes on rags 

including melody 



the drone

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    • The Rhythm-The Tala
      • Tala drums
      • common Tala is the Teental or Tintal, which is a 16 beat pattern 
      • Complex rhythms called ‘Bols’ are played over this 
        • go against the main beat creating exciting syncopations
      • rhythms must start and end together on the 1st beat of the cycle called Sam
    • The Drone
      • A supportive drone usually based on tonic and dominant notes of rag
      • Played on the Tambura
      • Add sense of tuning, intonation & texture
    • The Melody-The Rag
      • made up of improvised notes from a particular rag
      • Sung by voice or played on an instrument such as the Sitar or Sarod.
      • The no. of notes in a rag vary, some have 5 like the pentatonic scale
    • Extra Info.
      • Primary moods expressed are devotion, romance
      • Played traditionally at night
      • ‘Sargam’ indian scale system
        • Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa 
      • - 1st beat of the rhythmic cycle 
      • Jhalla – a striking rhythmic effect created when the drone strings are strummed on the sitar
      • Chand- improvised triplets
      • Madhyalaya- medium speed tempo
    • Tonality
      • Tonality: The piece is based on the notes of the raga.


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