'Rag Desh' Version 2 - Tanwar

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  • Rag Desh (Version 2) - Chiranji Lal Tanwar
    • Instrument-ation
      • Voice
      • Sarangi
      • Sarod
      • Pakhawaj
      • Cymabls
      • Tabla
    • Alap
      • Short introduction as the saraod player, then the singer  vocalises the melody based on the notes of the raga
      • Free time
      • A version of the chorus from the song
    • Bahjan
      • Song in verse form, with the first lines used as a refrain
      • Fixed composition
      • Tabla plays Keherwa table
      • Sarod and sarangi play solo passages between verses
      • Dynamics and tempo increase
      • Music becomes faster and more exiting, as the cymbals play more frequently


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