'Rag Desh' Version 1 - Shankar

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  • Rag Desh (Version 1) - Anoushka Shankar
    • Instrumenta-tion
      • Sitar
      • Tabla
    • Alap
      • Slow and unmetered
      • Unaccomp-anied sitar explores the first notes of the raga
      • Free rhythms sound improvised, due to a lack of a regular pulse
      • Melodic decoration
    • Gat 1
      • Sitar plays fixed composition rather than improvisation, but decorates melody with flourishes and ornaments
      • Medium tempo
      • Tabla enters playing 10 beat Jhaptal tala with decoration
      • There is dialogue between sitar and tabla
    • Gat 2
      • Faster tempo
      • Tabla now switches to Tin Tal tala
    • Jhalla
      • Drone strings are used on the sitar which are strummed providing a rhythmic effect
      • Piece ends with a Tihai
      • Phrase which is played three times across the beat ending on the first beat of the cycle


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