Radioactivity Safety

AQA Seperate science - Physics 2B: Atoms and electricity. 

Mindmap covering

  • Radiation and living cells
  • Danger of radiation outside the body
  • Danger of radiation inside the body
  • Safety Precautions
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  • Radioactivity safety
    • Radiation Harms Living cells
      • Radiation molecules enter living cells and collide with molecules
        • Collisions cause ionisation which damages or destroys molecules
      • Small doses leads to mutation
        • Cancerous cells
      • Higher doses causes cells to die completely
      • Outside the body BETA and GAMMA sources are most dangerous as they can get inside your organs
      • Inside the body, ALPHA sources are the most dangerous as they focus on particular places.
    • Safety
      • During experiments
        • Radioactive substances should not be used for a long time
        • Don't ever touch the radioactive source
          • Use tongs
        • Hold the source at arms length and point it away from your body
        • Keep sources in a lead box


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