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  • Radio 1
    • Tony Blackburn
      • Popular on pirate radio station Radio Caroline
      • Upbeat and engaging style. Informal mode of address.
    • Context
      • Introduced to cater for a youthful audience and the increasing popularity of pop music.
      • Radio 1 employed pirate DJ's such as Tony Blackburn, Kenny Everett and Noel Edmonds. They did this because these presenters already appealed to younger audiences.
      • There were no other legal independent radio stations until 1979.
      • Mix of chat, jingles, interactivity and music to appeal to young audiences.
      • Appeals to a mass audience.
    • Pirate Radio
      • Marine Broadcasting Offences Act - 1967
        • Made pirate radio illegal.
        • Forced presenters and shows to go to licensed providers.
      • Reached audiences of around 10-15 million people.
      • Didn't have any restrictions.
        • Are now getting popular again online.
    • 'Needle time'
      • Limited to 5 hours music play per day.
      • Playing too much on radio would mean sales of vinyl's would go down.
    • BBC
      • Remit = Inform, Educate and Entertain.
      • Depends on license fee.
      • Available on demand and live on the internet.
      • Availability to stream on any device anywhere.


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