Radical religious groupings in the Republic

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    • Fifth Monarchists
      • belief in the imminent establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth
      • not solely bible-led, but astrology led
      • wanted a regime run exclusively by the 'saints' based on Daniel and Revelation
      • their beliefs were not unusual, derived from millenarianism
      • support in the army
      • civil war and revolution strengthened the belief that they were coming to the end of days
      • Thomas Harrison delcared Charles I 'Man of blood'
        • Windsor Prayer Meeting
      • regarded the rump as preventing godly rule
      • CAPP: a pressure group that aimed at removing the Rump and establishing Godly rule
      • Major General Thomas Harrison
    • Ranters
      • late 1640s
      • from civil war and revolution
      • believed in predestination and believed they could live life as they wanted
      • denied that God existed indepdentantly, but could be found in nature (god is in everything)
      • no Ranter work printed after 1650
      • little evidence of organisation or a group apart from those who followed Laurence Clarkson or Thomas Webb
      • lack of any defined movement at all
    • Presbyterianism
      • desired national structure in the church
      • Scots hoped for enforcement of Presbyterianism in england after Solemn League and Convenant
        • hopes of establishing this was weakened by emergence of army as a political force and support for independency
      • Danzil Holles
    • Independency
      • each congregation was independent to decide practice for itself
      • influenced by netherlands


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