Radiation monitoring

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  • Methods to monitor radiation
    • critical pathway analysis
      • prediction of the routes that an effluent will take in the environment
        • this makes it possible to predict where it could cause problems by being more concentrated
      • cant be assumed that the effluent wont become more concentrated later on
      • factors that are taken into consideration: density, wind speed, river flow, bioaccumulation and effect of PH
    • Environmental sampling
      • checks whether the radioactive waves that are released and becoming concentrated are dangerous
        • e.g. food products like milk or soil
      • this can be used to confirm the CPA.
        • If levels are acceptable, everywhere else should be safe
    • Critical Group Monitoring
      • looks at the members that are most at risk e.g. medical workers or live near a possible risk site
        • if they are safe, everyone else should be


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