Radiation health and safety

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  • Health and safety - radiation
    • Regulations
      • Ionising radiation reuglations 1999
      • Radiation Protection Advisor(RPA)
        • -Must hold a RPA 2000 certificate of competence-Does not work within the practice-Makes practice abide by the rules-Designates a controlled area of use
      • Radiation Protection Supervisor(RPS)
        • -A member of staff in the practice-Makes sure the local rules are followed
    • Damage caused by x-rays and radiation
      • Somatic:Cells are damaged or die as a result-Immediate damage can be see.Signs can be:-Reddening of the skin-Burns or ulcerationDamage to hair follicles can lead to hair loss:
      • Carcinogenic:DNA of cell can be damaged by exposure and can mutate.Can cause cancer and abnormalities:
      • Genetic:DNA of a reproductive cell is damaged by exposure and genetic coding can be affected
    • Controlled area
      • Must be clearly labelled
      • Access prevented during exposures
      • Have a red warning light and no access sign
      • Must be able to stand 2 meters away from tube head
      • A lead screen must be used if unable to move 2m


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