Types of Radioactivity

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  • Radiation
    • Alpha
      • Is a helium nucleus.
        • 2 neutrons +2 protons.
      • Low penetration.
        • Stopped by paper.
      • Highly ionizing.
      • Deflected towards negative because of positive charge.
    • Beta
      • Is an electron emitted from the nucleus when a neutron turns into a proton.
        • 1 electron.
      • Higher penetration than alpha.
        • Stopped by aluminium.
      • Weakly ionizing.
      • Deflected toward positive because of negative charge.
    • Gamma
      • Waves.
        • No particles.
      • Highly penetrating
        • Stopped by layers of lead or concrete.
      • Very weakly ionizing
      • Not deflected as it isn't a particle therefore has no charge.
    • Decay
      • Measured in becquerels (Bq).
      • Half-life.
        • Time taken for the number of radioactive nuclei to decrease by 1/2.
      • Greiger- Muller tube.
        • Detect and measure the number of decays each second.
          • Counts per minute.


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