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  • Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Racism
      • Treating a person differently because of skin colour or race
    • Prejudice
      • pre-judging a person, based on little or no knowledge of the person
    • Discrimination
      • Treating someone badly because of prejudice
    • Racist Influences
      • Learnt from parents
      • blaming others for society's problems
      • Mis-understanding about culture
      • bad experience from someone of a different race
    • Types of Racism
      • Blatant: someone receiving abuse due to the colour of their skin
      • subtle: people cant access proper medical care or housing
    • Christian response
      • MLK had Nonviolent civil disobedience based on Christian belief
      • Bible
        • Genesis: Humans are created in the image of God, all humans are special
        • Paul taught "There is no difference between jews and gentiles"
        • The good Samaritan, a Samaritan helping a jew
        • Jesus talked to a Samaritan woman
        • Jesus healed a non-Jewish man
        • Jesus: Love your neighbor as yourself
        • Jesus: Do for others what you want them to do for you
      • Churches
        • Church of Ireland: If we cannot challenge racism... how can we convince others that we believe in christ
        • Presbyterian Church: There is nothing more powerful than your neighbours seeing you enjoy the friendship of people from different racial backgrounds
        • Methodist Church: Be open to the diversity and enrichment that can come from people of different cultures
    • Christians combating racism
      • Make churches become more welcoming
      • Hold anti-racism days
      • coffee mornings for cultures to mix
      • Provides support to learn English
      • support victims of racim
      • Learn new languages
      • Offer church hall to minority groups to let them celebrate their traditions
    • Prejudice is attitude, Discrimination is action


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