Fascism and National Socialism

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  • Fascism and National Socialism
    • Definitions
      • 1. The Fascist Party was formed in Italy by Mussolini in 1919. It combined social reforms and tax on war profits with a nationalist foreign policy
      • 2. German National Socialism similarities to Fascism. Driving force was race & anti-Semitism
    • French nationalist: Charles Maurras
      • Wrote in 1899: there existed 'a form of socialism which stripped of its democratic and cosmopolitan accretions [additions] would fit with nationalism just as a well-made glove fits a beautiful hand'
        • Driving force behind Fascism and National Socialism
    • Impact and consequences of WW1
      • Enabled Fascism and Nazism to become mass movements
      • Italy: economic crises, a sense of being cheated at the Paris Peace Conference & fear of Bolshevik revolution
        • Created the content in which Benito Mussolini gained power in 1922
      • Germany: Impact of the Great Depression before Hitler could come to power


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