Racial Policies to 1939 - Germany

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  • Racial Policies to 1939
    • Polices
      • A propaganda campaign against undesirables to create resentment
      • 1933 Sterilisation Law - the Law for Hereditary Diseased Offspring, which allowed for the sterilisation of the "simple minded", "alcholics" and those with schizophrenia. From 1934, 350,000 men were sterilised
      • The Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals (1933) which introduced compulsory castration for certain sexual offenders
      • The Gestapo dealt with homosexuality - a law was introduced in 1935, which led to the arrest of 50,000 homosexuals
      • By 1936, the work-shy, tramps, beggars, prostitutes, homosexuals  and juvenile delinquents were sent to concentration camps
      • The 1939 euthanasia campaign, where Nazis exterminated the mentally ill, led to the execution of 5,000 handicapped youth. The process was stopped in 1942, but restarted in secret - incurably physically ill people, racially inferior babies and the terminally ill were persecuted
      • Asocials were put into forced labour
    • Gypsies
      • Gypsies were persecuted as non-Aryan, work-shy and homeless
      • In 1935, gypsies were banned from marrying Germans
      • In 1938, a "Decree for the Struggle against the Gypsy Plague" was issued - this was to ensure racial separation
      • In 1939, 30,000 gypsies were deported to special sites in Poland
    • Jews
      • The First Phase - Origins: the development of Nazi ideology
      • The Second Phase - Gradualism: during 1933-39, there was legal discrimination, terror, violence and formed emigration
      • The Third Phase: Genocide
    • Antisemitism: origins and gradualism
      • Legal discrimination
        • Laws gradually reduced Jewish rights, through propaganda, posters, newspapers (Der Stunmer) and films (The Eternal Jew)
        • 01/04/1933 - Boycott of Jewish shops (not widely supported)
        • 07/04/1933 - Law of Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, excluding Jews
        • 1935 - Nuremberg Race Laws - Jews lost their citizenship, and marriage between Jews and Germans was forbidden
        • 1938 - Jewish doctors not allowed to practise
        • 1938 - Polish Jews expelled
        • 1938  - Compulsory closure and sale of Jewish businesses
      • Violence
        • From 1934-38, violence was localised and sporadic
        • In March 1938, there were attacks on 200,000 Jews in Vienna. On 9-10 October, a coordinated campaign was launched known as Kristallnacht
        • Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were attacked. Around 100 Jews were killed
      • Emigration
        • In 1938, the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna was established under Adolf Eichmann to force Jews to emigrate
        • The establishment of the Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration in 1939. About 50% of Jews left before the war


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