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  • Race
    • Biological
      • It was believed black people were less developed than whites and were the descendants of apes, they were seen below the whites
      • Colonisers need the support of their countries in order to colonise countries, by making it seem blacks were inferior through the use of both fiction and non-fiction literacy, they were seen as savages and in need of civilisation
      • It is believed to be a social construct and has been proven so. They belief that were different biologically, other than the initial appearance is a baseless theory
        • The AAA statment agrees and backs this up
          • DNA is too similar to be classed as different race's
    • Cultural or socially constructed
      • Christians believe we are all direct descendants of Adam and Eve, yet the Christians were pro-slavery because it was written in the Bible that slavery was acceptable in Gods eyes
      • Globalisation
        • More racial groups come into direct contact
        • When faced with different people, differences become more apparent
        • Due to more education and the right, politically correct way to talk abut people, differences are now accepted
        • Illegal to discriminate people due to their ethnicity


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