Race & Youth Revision

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  • Race & Youth Revision
    • Policies for Youth
      • BDM (League of German Maidens)
        • Activities
          • Domestic science courses
          • Field exercises
          • Parades & Marches
        • Female version of 'Hitler Youth'
        • Taught to be housewives and mothers
      • Hitler Youth
        • Trained to be in the army and fight
        • Effectively brainwashed into supporting Hitler from a young age
        • Only 'pure' Germans could join
        • Up to 7 million children were members
      • Education
        • Used as propaganda
        • No Jews could teach
        • All teachers had to be members of the Nazi Teachers' Association
    • Resistance
      • Youth
        • Edelweiss Pirates
          • General name for anti-Nazi youth groups
        • White Rose Group
          • Non-violent
          • Spread leaflets etc.
        • Swing Youth
          • Associations with the Jewish Youth
      • Jewish
        • Warsaw Ghetto
          • Uprising against Nazi soldiers holding them in the ghetto
    • Persecution of the Jews
      • Kristallnacht
        • The Night of Broken Glass
        • Jewish homes and businesses were detroyed
        • 9th-10th November 1938
        • Many men were sent to holding camps
          • A taste of what was yet to come
      • Nuremburg Laws
        • Jews couldn't be German citizens
        • Jews couldn't marry, or have sex with, non-Jews
      • Wannsee Conference
        • Nazi officials discussed and coordinated the implementation of the 'Final Soluton'
        • 20th January 1942
    • Treatment of Opposition
      • Homosexuals
        • Can't have children and therefore must be killed and experimented on
      • Gypsies
        • Sterilized, ghettoized, and deported to concentration camps
      • Polish/Soviet people
        • Murdered and sent to concentration camps to be murdered
      • Disabled people
        • Institutionalized, murdered, and experimented on
      • Jehovah's Witnesses
        • Detained in prisons and camps, eventually killed


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